Coronavirus / COVID-19 UPDATE

Customer Commitment

  1. No salesperson goes on a test drive and after the test drive, the vehicle is cleaned.
  2. We have eliminated shuttle services for service customers.
  3. Showrooms and bathrooms are cleaned on a continuous basis.
  4. Sanitizers are available throughout the dealership, including reception desks, sales desks, service desks, and cashiers.
  5. Six feet of social distancing is maintained in every interaction.
  6. Remote and online transactions are available for sales and service customers.
  7. We offer pick up and delivery for service or loaner cars for every customer.

After 60 years in the retail automotive business, Flow Companies continues to be defined by three simple principles:


A covenant with our customers to be a place that keeps its promises and is worthy of their trust.


A community of people who work together towards a common vision.


A commitment to work towards the common good of every city where we do business.

Although we have grown much larger over the years, these are the governing commitments that guide everything that we do. They are deeply woven into the fabric of our company. They are how we measure our success.

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