Coronavirus / COVID-19 UPDATE

Customer Commitment

  1. Every customer is offered gloves and the salesperson will ask the customer if he/she would like the sales person to wear gloves.
  2. No salesperson goes on a test drive. After the test drive, the vehicle is totally cleaned and sanitized.
  3. A person is assigned to cleaning the showroom and bathrooms continuously throughout the day.
  4. Sanitizers are available throughout the dealership, including reception desks, sales person desks, service advisor desks, cashiers.
  5. Six feet social distancing, clearly marked by tape on the floor, is maintained in every interaction, including sales, F&I, and service.
  6. A special area and times are set up for vulnerable customers for sales and service.
  7. Remote and online transactions are available for customers.
  8. Complete sanitization of the showroom including antimicrobial spray and coating has been performed.
  9. New or sanitized pens are offered to customers for any signature.
  10. We offer pick up and delivery for service or loaner cars for every customer.
  11. The customer's vehicle is completely cleaned after every service, including sanitizing the steering wheel, console, and door handles.

North Carolina has issued a “Stay at Home Ordinance” to slow the spread of Covid-19 and to protect our citizens.

We are resolutely committed to adhering to all of the requirements of the order to be good citizens of our community, to protect the members of our company, and our customers.

Therefore, we will fully comply with social distancing in sales and service: maintaining six feet of distance from every person in every interaction, washing our hands with soap and water or sanitizer regularly and thoroughly throughout the day, methodically cleaning all surfaces, and not shaking hands. Additionally, we are creating the following:

  1. Designating six-foot distances: We have designated with signage and tape, six-foot spacing for employees and customers in line to maintain appropriate distance. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
  2. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing products: We have hand sanitizers and sanitizing products available for employees and customers on every desk.
  3. Specific operating hours with separate spaces for vulnerable populations: Our service departments will have a separate service lane designated between 2 PM-4 PM. Our showrooms will have a separate designated area set up throughout the day.
  4. On line and remote access: We developed a service “pick-up and delivery” process for customers who do not want to come into the dealership. Additionally, we are able to complete a transaction for a new or used vehicle, including appraisal, and financing without a customer coming into the dealership. All of this can be done online through We are committed to protecting our customers, our employees, and our community as we provide meaningful and essential services in our community.

Thank you for your support as we all work together in these difficult times.

Don Flow

Flow Dealerships

With the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., I would like to outline the actions we are taking to protect the members of our company, our customers, and our communities:

  1. In our dealerships, we are using the strongest CDC recommended products for cleaning that eliminate the opportunity for the coronavirus to be activated.

  2. To ensure the maximum protection from the virus entering a dealership, we are committed to going to extraordinary measures to ensure that every interaction at our dealership is risk-free. These actions include the following:
    • Totally cleaning our dealerships on a daily basis
    • Cleaning all areas of customer engagement on an hourly basis.
    • Cleaning the steering wheel, door handles, and console of a customer’s car before it is moved.
    • Requiring anyone who touches a customer’s vehicle to wear gloves.
    • Placing sanitizers on all sales desks, tables in the customer lounge, and service advisor stations.
    • Cleaning the steering wheel, door handles, and console, and interior features of every vehicle in the showroom on an hourly basis.
    • Requesting that everyone frequently wash their hands. Please don’t be offended if someone asks you “when was the last time you washed your hands?”

  3. To ensure that we minimize the exposure of any member of our company while involved with company activities, the following actions have been taken:
    • Suspended all travel to any meetings for any automotive manufacturers that we represent.
    • Suspended all meetings with vendors who have to travel to our dealerships.

  4. We hope that no one in our company contracts COVID-19; however, in the event that a member of our company does contract COVID-19, we are taking the following steps:
    • The person will not be allowed to come on the company premises for a minimum of 14 days. During that period our company will ensure the person receives compensation so as not create an undue hardship for any person who is part of our company.
    • The department of that dealership will be completely sanitized and closed for a day.

  5. In the event that a person who works for our company believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 or that they are showing symptoms, but they have not been tested, the following actions will be taken:
    • Request that the person not come to work.
    • Do everything possible to help set the person up for a test.
    • Compensate the person while they are at home while they wait for the test.

These are extraordinary times requiring extraordinary measures. We are deeply grateful for the trust of the members of our company, our customers, and our communities. Working together, I am confident that we will navigate through these waters. We are committed to being a company that can be trusted to do the right things for everyone who engages with us.

Don Flow

Service Centers

To continue to protect our customers and the members of our company, effective Thursday March 19th, we are taking two actions that impact our customers:

  1. We are closing the customer waiting lounge at all of our dealerships.
  2. We are eliminating shuttle service for our customers in the service department.

To assist our customers because of these inconveniences, we are offering the following options for customers:

  1. We will provide a service loaner vehicle to you at no charge with proof of a driver’s license and insurance. Additionally, we will deliver your vehicle back to the location of your choice at no charge and pick up the loaner vehicle if that is what you desire us to do. We will completely clean your vehicle if we deliver it back to you and the driver will be wearing gloves.
  2. We will pick up your car for service and deliver it back to your home. The driver who picks up your vehicle will be wearing gloves. We will completely clean your vehicle before we deliver it back to you and the driver will be wearing gloves.
  3. You can drop your vehicle off at the dealership and have a friend/relative/neighbor take you home and bring you back to pick up your vehicle.

Everyone who touches your vehicle at our dealership will be wearing gloves and we will thoroughly wipe down the steering wheel, center console, and door handles before we work on the vehicle and before we return it to you.

We are deeply grateful for your loyalty to our company and we are committed to retaining that loyalty by demonstrating that we are place that will go the extra-mile to demonstrate that we can be trusted.

We will continue this policy until the U.S. government declares that the national emergency has passed. Thank you for working with us as we try to navigate through these extraordinary times. Working together, I am confident that our customers, our company, and our communities can reach the other side of these unexpected and difficult waters.

Don Flow

After 60 years in the retail automotive business, Flow Companies continues to be defined by three simple principles:


A covenant with our customers to be a place that keeps its promises and is worthy of their trust.


A community of people who work together towards a common vision.


A commitment to work towards the common good of every city where we do business.

Although we have grown much larger over the years, these are the governing commitments that guide everything that we do. They are deeply woven into the fabric of our company. They are how we measure our success.

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