Easy. Transparent. Fun.

It’s our more than just a mantra, it’s our brand. It’s the framework that drives everything we do. It’s the factor that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Easy. What our customers want.

Transparent. Who we are.

Fun. Our goal for employees and customers.

Easy. Transparent. Fun.


How does Flow make every interaction easy?
  • Buy from Home

    Buy a pre-owned car completely online using Flow Express. PRICE. TRADE. PAYMENT. FINANCE. It's all there for you to do yourself in 10 minutes or less with no pressure.

    Buy a new car over the phone using Shop 24/7.

  • Test Drive at Home

    Why come to us when we'll come to you? If you're interested in test driving a vehicle simply let our Customer Relationship Center know and they will arrange to bring the vehicle to you, no need to leave your home!

  • New and Pre-Owned Vehicle Home Delivery

    When you are ready to purchase a vehicle we will bring it to your home, no need to come to the store!

  • VIP Appointment

    Each customer deserves VIP treatment, which is why our Customer Relationship Center books VIP appointments each day for customers, making sure we are ready with the right car and the right people to save you time.

  • Customer Relationship Center

    To Flow you aren't just a number or a car, you are special. This is why we have a Customer Relationship Center created to make sales and service easy. Give us a call, email or chat we have a team ready to help.

  • Upfront Pricing

    It doesn't matter if you buy new or pre-owned you will get upfront pricing on each and every vehicle we sell.

  • Free Vehicle Transfer

    Find something you like at another Flow store? Don’t worry we will transfer it to the store of your choice all at no charge.

  • Product Specialist

    Got questions? Flow Product Specialists have answers. From which model might be best to “how do I do that” with in-car technology our team is trained and ready to help you before and after the car buying process.

  • Every Pre-Owned Car is Certified

    Deciding on which car to buy can be stressful, and we think you shouldn't have to worry. That’s why every pre-owned car we sell is either Flow Certified or Manufacturer Certified, car worries meet car warranty.

  • Service Pick-up and Delivery

    We will arrange to pick up your vehicle from your home when your vehicle needs service! Simply call the Customer Relationship Center or schedule your appointment online by Logging In to your FlowGarage account.

  • Schedule Service Appointment Online

    Ready to schedule your next service appointment with just a few clicks? Log In to your FlowGarage account or register for your own today by starting here.

  • Vehicle Subscription

    Looking for something outside of traditional car ownership? Drive Flow is a revolutionary vehicle subscription program that allows you to match your vehicle to your needs and lifestyle.

    Visit DriveFlow

  • 3 Day / 300 Mile Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be in love with your new to you car. That’s why you have a 3 Day or 300 Mile money back guarantee on any pre-owned car you buy from Flow. If you don’t love it we want to help you find that perfect for you car.



Open, honest, upfront, this is just who we are.

QRP Process

How does every pre-owned car at Flow come with a warranty? It’s simple, our Quality Renewal Process (QRP). Each car has been skillfully reconditioned so its ready for you, and each car comes with its own QRP history which will show exactly how the vehicle was reconditioned.


Market Based Pricing

All cars at Flow are priced using Market Based Pricing and we are happy to show you the numbers. No hidden screens or secret offers.


Flow Open Book Appraisal

When we appraise your trade in, you won’t have to worry about how or why we determine the value. You will be a part of the process, walking through exactly how we value your vehicle. And remember Flow will always provide you with an offer to purchase, even if you decide not to buy!



Welcome to the Family that believes in FUN

Flow Customer
Invite Only Events

As part of the Flow Family you’ll gain access to events that are exclusive to family. Enjoy the benefits of choosing a company that loves family.

Community Events

Join us and represent at one of the many community events we sponsor throughout the Triad. From special parking spots, T-Shirt cannons, beach balls and Flow water, we’ll have something special waiting on you.

Options are endless

Got ideas for something that could make Flow more fun? We would love to hear from you and look forward to surprising you!